Rediscovering the Board Game

Chess is a fun game that encourages communication

We used to call them “bored games” because so many of them were only interesting if you were really bored. Why sit around a piece of cardboard and roll some dice if you could be playing pirates in the treehouse? Because seriously, pirates and treehouses are way cool. But that was a different era, back […]

Avoiding Scams by Not Spending Money

A website that I like to read on a semi-regular basis is, where the author investigates the veracity of Internet rumors.  Many of these rumors involve fraudulent job offers, which desperate job seekers will shell out money for, only to be scammed. Craigslist and other classifieds sites abound with deals that are scammy.  A […]

How to Live Like a College Student


I know people who are getting out of college now who thought that they were self-sufficient their final years as a student.  After all, they paid their own tuition, were responsible for their own food, clothing, etc, so it was pretty much exactly like being an adult, right? And then they graduated. Suddenly, they’re making […]

Identifying the Little Luxuries


What is luxury? Suppose you have a bunch of extra money to spend and you decide to buy little, nice things for yourself that you don’t already.  This might be a latte every day at Starbucks, to use an old example, or Charmin 3-ply Extra Plushy instead of the tree bark variety. It’s interesting that […]

How to Live Without a Microwave


  In most kitchens, microwaves are pretty standard.  Sometimes they come with the kitchen. Occasionally, you might be renting an apartment that doesn’t have one, or buying a house with no appliances, or your microwave just broke, or someone offered you a few hundred dollars for your old one (hey, we can dream, right?).  At […]