Pennies in Time

oak tree 2

Time. When I worked at a coffee shop, guests would sometimes leave tips in the tip jar. It wouldn’t be much– just their leftover change that they didn’t want to deal with, or the quarter in their pocket because they liked my smile. At the end of the day, the little pieces of change would […]

Back from Hiatus


If anyone is reading this blog, you may have noticed that there was a brief hiatus in my writing for the past several months. You may also have noticed that I had bought a house just before that. I was really excited about the possibilities of writing about how much money I wasn’t spending on […]

Changing your “Want” List


There are about a million things I want to do with my house.  I would like to update the kitchen and bath, refinish the floors, replace the windows, paint the exterior, and landscape the yard, just to name a few small projects. It’s not that the house is in bad shape; it’s not. It’s a […]