How to save money on your wardrobe

how to save money on your wardrobe

I just recently wrote about simplifying your wardrobe and mentioned some ways you can take back control of your closet. Today I have a few ways that I save money on my clothes shopping. (Just a warning, I am writing this from a guy’s perspective, if some of it doesn’t apply to women’s clothes, I […]

7 Ways to Stay Warm in a Cold House


Research shows that turning down your thermostat by even a few degrees can result in significant energy cost savings over time. I get cold easily. I hate being cold. Turning down my thermostat even slightly means being more cold.  In my own home, I have decided that keeping the heat up is one of the […]

The Closet Frugality Snob

I was reading in Psychology Today the other day that snobs are not people who have expensive tastes, but people who just think they’re better than others for whatever reason. This may seem obvious, but we all indulge in our own little brands of snobbery.  For example, some people who drive cars feel like they […]