Back from Hiatus

42-16619936If anyone is reading this blog, you may have noticed that there was a brief hiatus in my writing for the past several months.

You may also have noticed that I had bought a house just before that.

I was really excited about the possibilities of writing about how much money I wasn’t spending on my house.

Not spending money on a house is really, really, hard for me. I guess this may be similar to the way not spending money on their kids is really hard for some people. Maintenance costs money. Yard work costs money. Bills cost money. Any investments in the house cost money. Even minor projects, such as cleaning up the house or painting cost money.

I haven’t written because there hasn’t been anything to say. I’ve been spending money like crazy. Even the littlest things, like a sprinkler or a lawn mower or drain cleaner or a lock change or a driver drill add up over time.  How can I write about not spending money if I don’t even know what I’m doing and forget to remind myself to save for new windows?

But I’m starting to get the basics back in order, and I’m learning as I go. As I’ve mentioned before, I don’t write because I think I’m somehow better at this than other people on the planet, I write because I need to focus the thoughts that help me get from my paycheck to my goals. It’s not always about money management. It’s about establishing good habits and living a lifestyle that doesn’t revolve around endless consumerism.

I could ramble on more, but I need to go borrow a friend’s ladder and buy some paint.

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